Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Color correcting is important part in my make-up routine, because I have a problem with redness and sometimes with purple undereyes. So in this post I will talk about all the different colors, what are they good for and also show you some products. Hope this will be helpful, enjoy! 

Green cancels red. Covers sun burn, wind burn, intense redness and pimples. 

Yellow cancels purple. Perfect for covering purple and blue undereyes, age spots and sun spots. Great for all skin tone. 

Pink cancels brown. Brightens dark spots, cover age spots and sun spots. It's great for pale skin. 

Purple cancels yellow. Combats sallow undertones. 

Red cancels green. Cancels out dark circles. It's great for darker skintones.

Orange cancels blue. Covers dark undertones, undereye darkness, bruises and veins. It's great for medium skintones.


                          NYX, COLOR CORRECTING CONCEALER

Urban Decay, NAKED SKIN Color Correcting Fluid

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